Hello! My name is Brian and I love to explore. Also, I am pretty awesome. I currently live in Chicago with a good friend of mine Brandon, but throughout my life I have been able to move around some due to growing up a military brat. Places that I have lived include California, Japan, Texas, South Carolina, and now Chicago. I currently have a blog set up at posterous.comthat I have been using to share my explorations and adventures, but lately I have felt that creating my own personal site would be more awesome.

This blog’s main purpose is to share the adventures of my life and the exploring that I do through the lens of a video camera and uploaded videos. Besides my travels, I also plan on posting videos of a few things that I love, Design and Beer. I love both dearly. Graphic Design has been my passion since I discovered my love for it in college. I simply just love being creative. Beer on the other hand is a hobby of mine. I enjoy quality beers that will quench my thirst and I also enjoy brewing my own beer. Through this site I will post reviews of different beers that I try throughout my travels, or ones that I pick up around Chicago.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and I encourage everyone to explore your surroundings. There are some many amazing people and things to experience out there.

Explore Your World.

About This Site

The entire purpose of this blog is just to share my adventures with everyone. Some might be awesome and some might be just ok, but you have to enjoy the small things in life or you will go nuts. So make sure to check back and see what I’m up to. Who knows what the the Windy City will have in store for me.